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'Backwoods' Idaho Camping Fanatic
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Hard-to-Find Camping Tool --
And Makes it AVAILABLE to YOU!
Telescoping Camping Fork!

(PS One FREE FORK with EVERY ORDER, for a limited time!)

From the campsite of Lee Landers:

RE: How to create a camping memory...

Camping can be a lot of fun... or a lot of drudgery.

Owning (and remembering to take along!) the BEST camping tools, including the perfect camping fork, not only turns every outing into a more relaxing experience, BUT - adds great value to the lifelong memories of each trip. (And if you can do so without gouging your pocketbook... so much the better!)

OK, OK... What DOES This Thing Cost ...!!??

For example, imagine setting around the campfire, swapping tall tales (or even ghost stories!), while sharing a blackened, toasted marshmallow, or roasting a hot dog over an open fire. Maybe even trying some new flavor of camping kabob, or other camp fare. ... and the companion memory that will someday result in a story that starts with the line, "Remember that camping trip when we roasted and wolfed down ..."

After decades of camping in my favorite haunts, including the Clearwater River in Idaho, Lake Chelan in Washington, the Blue Mountains of Oregon, the redwoods of northern California, and the Flathead Valley of Montana, I've discovered THE PERFECT and most valuable camping tool:

Camping Forks

Since life is really about eating, anyway... (and if you don't think so, consider for a minute how many of your get-togethers or relationships are built around meals!) ... you should not be surprised that the number one, ultimate, outdoor tool, is a GOOD camping fork! Actually, in this case, make that a GREAT camping fork!

Simply the WORLD's BEST Camping Fork!

I've tried 'em all, from the stiff-handled, pointy monsters that you could fish marlin with, to the cheapy, easy-to-bend, imports. They all offer a level of utilitarian charm, to be sure. But consider what you really want out of a camping fork:

  • Lightweight: The Ultimate Telescoping Camping Fork weighs in at just TWO OUNCES! (And just 2.5 ounces with the protective plastic sheath.) Easy to handle for even the smallest little tyke you might let roast something over the campfire. PS Light in weight, but not in utility... this tiny package is a sturdy piece of outdoor machinery ... read on!
  • Compact: This great little camping gadget telescopes from 12" to 42", which gives you GREAT reach, but takes up very little space amongst all the other camping gear. In fact, even inside the protective sheath, the total package is just under 2 1/4 inches wide, and 15 inches long. Thickness is well under an inch (handle thickness is a sturdy, but comfortably light, 2/3 of an inch diameter...)
  • Safe (on multiple levels!): Expecially if you are camping with youngsters; or even if you are just an adult who occasionally suffers a little "accident" prone-itis, you will appreciate the many well-thought out features of this camping fork!
    • Wooden Handle - About 4 1/2 inches long (just under 5 inches with the thumb dial... and we will get to that feature shortly), the handle is long enough to accommodate the palm width of even a very large man, yet small enough for a youngster to manage easily. Made of hardwood, the handle keeps the heat of the stainless steel shaft from coming through, and risking a blister.
    • Length (distance from flames!) - With the telescoping capacity out to 42 inches -- which is longer than all but the most trogolodyte of camping forks -- you (or your loved ones) can keep a much safer distance from the heat of the fire, and potential sparks. (Sorry about the photo below... hard to take a picture of something 1/4 inch thick and 3 1/2 feet long!! Just wanted to give you an idea of the stretch of this cool camp tool!)

    Telescoping Camping Fork 

    • Tine Points - Some camping or BBQ forks are pointed at the tine tips, and could really do a number on your valued body parts, if you were to trip. Ever fall on a camping trip? (Me neither... hah!) Or what if you, or another member of the camping party, are not careful and someone gets poked? The Ultimate Camping Fork has two tines, both with blunt ends. The tine diameter is still narrow enough to make marshmallows, hot dogs, or kabobs slide on with very little force, BUT runs very little risk of skin penetration (although, do be careful sliding on those slippery little meat and vegetable kabob chunks!). And of course, like with any pointy objects, watch the eyes!
    • Heavy Duty Vinyl Sheath - One problem with hauling a typical barbecue fork out camping, is that those sharp points are not only dangerous, but can get caught on many things, usually damaging or tearing whatever they are near. Even this little camping fork, as safe as it is, can catch on something if you store it uncased. But with the tear resistent lightweight sheaths -- included free with every fork -- the potential for damage is virtually eliminated! I've had my original set of these camping forks for 21 years now, and that sheath is still pliable, and thick enough to keep the tines from poking through the material, during normal (to some pretty rough) camping wear and tear. Note: You insert the fork, handle first, through a "just right" slit near the top (back side) of the sheath. No cheap snaps or other closing devices that catch on things, rust, or won't stay shut!
  • Multiple Color Choices: Quality hardwood handles come finished in 10 different color options, including: BLACK,  WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, NATURAL WOOD GRAIN, PURPLE, RED, SALMON. (PS You saw the ALL the color choices in the first photo near the top of the page.)
    • The SHEATHS ALSO come in your choice of four colors, including BLUE, YELLOW, BLACK, or RED!

    Camping Fork Sheaths

    • Get a different color or color combination, for every member of the family (no more fights over whose fork is whose!) See some color combo's at the bottom of the page!
    • PS If you are just getting one fork, or a matched set of two forks, the most popular (and natural looking) is a the natural wooden handle, in combo with a black (or red) sheath. But lots of camping fork owners choose a wide variety of color options. I am a huckleberry pickin' fool, so I like the purple handle myself. Looks snazy in a yellow sheath, or macho in a black sheath. Purple in a green sheath looks good too... but I don't know why I said that, since we don't offer green sheaths...?

My Goodness! Things Must Be BORING on the Farm,
 There in IDAHO, Lee! Lemme CHECK OUT!

Sorry about that... almost done with the cool camping fork attributes, I promise.

  • Ergonomic Rotation: I am not completely sure what "ergonomic" means, but this is a SLICK feature! Instead of needing to crank your wrists in 19 different directions with a stick or typical fork, or changing hands to get an even roast or toast, there is a little thumb dial, perfectly and naturally placed, at the front edge of the handle. Made of durable, hard plastic, with pronounced, small ridges for easy turning, the dial is EASY to move a full 360 degrees (or more!) in either direction. As you turn the dial with your thumb, the SHAFT ROTATES INSIDE THE HANDLE... your hand does not even need to move, except for the sideways motion of the thumb. Kind of like using a trackball or touchpad on a laptop (shhhh... don't tell anyone I've even touched one of those contraptions!). No more marshmallows or other goodies dropping or flipping off, as you switch hands with the fork, or change the angle downward to get an even burn. You still need to "chase" the fire a little bit, to get just the right heat, but getting the coals to cook evenly around your taste treat is MUCH simpler with this camping tool.
  • Perfectly Engineered: Assembled in a northern Idaho metal shop, this is a WELL constructed and WELL thought out camping tool! I've tried a cheap import or two... bend easily, rust after a couple seasons, and desiged by someone who probably never camped in their life. But this one is so far ahead of the pack, I am embarrassed to mention those others in the same paragraph. I've used my original set of the Ultimate Camping Fork for 21 years, and given away so many as birthday and holiday presents, I've lost count! Here are some of the very cool features!:
  • Telescoping Stainless Steel Shaft! Won't rust, very stiff and sturdy. Built on the same basic principle as a telescoping fishing pole -- the bottom section is about 10 inches long (including the handle area), plus the tines, which stick out another couple inches. Four more sections of increasingly narrow steel -- including the end piece with the two tines -- slide inside the section below, until they are all fitted together in one piece, with the fork tines sticking out the top end. The fittings are definitely U.S. in design and construction -- when extended, they stay put. No need to worry about putting on a marshmallow or hot dog, and watching the goodie slide back down to your fist as the shaft collapses. Even fully extended, the fork will hold as much weight as you are likely to every put on (within limits, of course). And gentle pressure, one section at a time, gets the fork back into one solid piece of about ten inches plus the tines, for the 12" total storage length (15 inches with the sheath)! And of course, you don't need to use the full 42 inches if you don't want. Sometimes over a little camp burner, I've heated up a mushroom or marshmallow over a little campstove burner, with no extensions at all... just the 12" basic fork.
  • Handle! I already talked about the sturdy hardwood handles, in 10 different colors. Perfect length, perfect diameter, and perfect feel, for a huge variety of roasting and toasting jobs and operator hand sizes.
  • Thumb dial! Ingenious little feature that sets this fork apart from any other! Again, I talked about this previously, but -- just too neat! The fork tines rotate, turning your marshmallow, hotdog, shrimp, veggies, meats, fish, or other camping yummie WITHOUT MOVING YOUR HAND OR THE FORK - just the flick of a thumb!
  • Roomy Sheath! The plastic case fits the fork, offering just a bit of wiggle room (easy to remove and insert), but without the fork bouncing all over inside.
  • Double Fork Tines! We already talked about the "blunt" ends, and the perfect tine diameter for impaling your favorite tasty treat on the end of your camping fork. And unlike pointed forks, the tines are not tapered, which means the browned foods stay put, and are less likely to slide off the end (... ever have THAT happen to you?... I thought so!) In addition to tine thickness, the spacing BETWEEN the two tines is nearly perfect! For hot dogs or sausages, you can slide one dog down each tine starting through the end of the dog -- or put two or three on sideways, through both tines. For large marshmallows, the same deal... a column of sugar puffs on each tine, or use both tines for large 'mallows to really hold them on! For kabobs, putting both tines through the larger chunks, or one tine into the smaller chunks, works! Note: When you do the two columns of goodies (one row on each tine, instead of one fatter row), the interior of the goodies, between the two tines, sometimes is a little undercooked... if you see this happening, roast a bit, then just rotate the food gently on each individual tine, so the inner is now facing out, and finish the cook job! 

Camping Fork with Marshmallows

  • Environmental Conservation: If you are like me, you grew up cutting old willow sticks, and sharpening them into points, for roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, trout, and whatever over a campfire. But with the current and growing population pressure on campsites, over-harvesting of small woody species is an eyesore, and can even change the habitat and micro-ecology of a popular camping site over time. In addition, while the sticks were fun, it was tough to get them long enough to stay away from a good fire, and avoid catching sparks, or scalding your knuckles. And because the tips were usually tapered, and the sticks curved and flimsy, the marshmallows or hotdogs would slide off half (or most?) of the time. You know what it's like to fish a marshmallow out of a campfire, right? (:-) Not to mention the danger of carving a stick with a pocket knife... I sliced myself more than once in those days! Part of growing up I guess... but the forks are a MUCH better deal, trust me.
  • Inexpensive!!: Would you drop $19.95 into a tool like this, to make camping much more fun (and camping with youngsters much more manageable)? Well for $21 bucks you can get THREE of these, with change left over. In spite of all the well constructed moving parts, color choices, and perfectly proportioned sheath, this little jewel of a camping fork sells for only $6.95 each!! Enough said.

Good Grief, LEE! Could I Just ORDER This Cute Little Varmint?

So, the PERFECT CAMPING TOOL, right? Well, almost. While possibly the best campfork product ever designed, for what it does well, it still is subject to limits.

  • While incredibly sturdy for its size, you still don't want to do a cavemen two-pound T-bone with this tool. The Ultimate Camping Fork, while ingenious for hot dogs, marshmallows, small kabobs, roasted small spuds or veggies, and even small fish, is not designed for heavy lifting. Even a cadre' of three nice 1/4 pound sausages, while doable, will put a pretty good bow in the old fork shaft... don't worry about it breaking, but the cooking is definitely harder to manage. Anyway, if you'll be grilling big honking T-bones or salmon steaks or a 1-pound Idaho baker (spud), bring your industrial strength, pointed BBQ fork from home.

Camping Fork with Sausages


Besides the obvious benefit to camping and campers, this is a very versatile little tool! I am sure you will think of more uses, but here are a few BONUS suggestions, some a little tongue-in-cheek, but I assume you can relate to at least SOME of them!

  • A caveman style backscratcher!
  • Holiday parties and family reunions where marshmallows over a fireplace or over BBQ briquettes can add a lot of fun to your special get-together!
  • A romantic evening for two, toasting marshmallows, and roasting fruit sections, in front of a fireplace with (your choice of) seduction music playing in the background.
  • Warm up wet socks in the oven or over a campfire!
  • Renting the camping forks out as a non-profit or church fundraiser!
  • Flicking bolts, screws, and tools out from under cars after they fall down through the engine!
  • Reaching your locked car keys through a slightly vented car window... voice of experience here! Hint: you will also need to find a way to attach some thick substance or magnet to the end of the tines or the keyring will keep sliding off.
  • Decorate your scarecrow, with the fork fully telescoped out, complete with a crow impaled on the tines! (My wife laughed loudest at this one... I thought it was a little sick, but hey...) 
  • Dual purpose fork and lightweight fishing rod for small creek angling during backcountry hikes and overnight backpacking!
  • Youth group learning experiences, marshmallow training exercises, and camraderie!
  • Extend the effective length of your car battery charger... wait, does steel conduct electricity? (OUCH!)
  • Tease bulls in the neighbor's pasture (careful!)
  • Pick up dirty clothes or trash, without bending over.
  • Enjoy litter detail for court-ordered community service! (HAH!)
  • Flip flying insects out the car window, without needing to touch them. (Send me your movie of this one!!!!)
  • Untangle basketball nets!
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

You get the idea! Be sure to send me your innovative uses, and we can eventually publish "101 Non-Campfire Uses for a Telescoping Camping Fork!" Not a top seller, I am sure, but I could give one free with each fork...

Anyway... there you have it... the ULTIMATE CAMPING FORK! $6.95 each, in choice of ten handle colors, and four sheath colors. Get a matching his and hers set, or a different handle color or handle/sheath color combo for every member of the family or your camping buddies. Or get 'em all the same, I don't care. No one listens to me anyway, just ask my wife (...hmmm, on second thought...).

Also, shipping is FLAT RATE! Regardless of how many you order. The cost for shipping and handlling to you on the first one varies from just $6.95 (for a limited time), to $12.95 to US addresses, depending on how far you are from Idaho (Post Office charges more for longer distances, so we charge more, sorry about that!) -- However, no additional shipping cost after the first camping fork, for as many more forks as you want to get... easy to stock up now for summer camping, last minute birthday gifts, Dad's day, or Christmas stocking stuffers. For a cute gift bag or basket with the forks, throw in a bag of white, or colored, or gourmet, or even homemade monster marshmallows!

Note that we ship Priority Mail, via the US Postal Service... so be sure the shipping address you include in your order, is the one that the US Postal Service recognizes... if their web site does not match the address you provide, your order could be delayed as we will be trying to contact you for a more complete address. The official USPS website may not be as forgiving as your local carrier or postmaster.

(Shipping via UPS by special request, but may incur an additional charge).

PS Shipping to Canada is $25US via International Priority Mail, up to a limit of 20 camping forks... otherwise your shipment may go over four pounds, which creates problems with customs, paperwork, and shipping costs. Same situation to the UK... cost is $35US flat rate up to 20 forks max! (Share the order with friends and spread the fees!) Note that the credit card companies will automatically take care of the currency exchange rate. To check on the current exchange rate, go to:


Are you ready to ORDER?


Here are a dozen handle-sheath color combinations... just a sampling to whet your camping appetite! Some are a little hard to see in this photo, sorry about that! But you get the idea.

Camping Fork Color Combinations 

OK, last call. You know what I know about this grrrrrreat little tool! If you are not ready to order yet, let me give you one more little nudge.


If you don't love this little camping tool, send'er back for a FULL refund, regardless of condition, including your original shipping costs. I am that sure you WILL ENJOY this little camping fork... and maybe even come back for more, at various times of the year! Regardless, I don't want any unhappy customers, so ship it back if you are unhappy for any reason. Out of the HUNDREDS we've shipped out, not one has ever come back (that is not a challenge!). I am sure it will happen some day, but in the mean time we have MOUNTAINS of happy customers out there, and would love to include you in that category!


For a limited time, I will throw in AN EXTRA CAMPING FORK with each and every order (that's with each ORDER, not with each fork you purchase, for you smarty pants out there... I heard from a couple of those)!! Simply ADD the handle and sheath color of the fork you want in the comments or special instructions section when you check out!

Click on any green link text on this page, and order your camping forks now... the current season is kinda gone, but another one is on its way, so don't miss a SINGLE POTENTIAL MEMORY on your next camping trip ... these are just too much fun.

Happy Campin' and Forkin'

Lee Landers, Idaho
Notorious Outdoor Lover and Hot Dog/Sausage Fiend!
(A little huckleberry mustard on a campfire roasted dog in a bun... that's MY idea of HEAVEN! Whoooweee!)

LEE, Are You DONE? I AM READY to ORDER that Doggone Fork!

 PS. Yes, I am finished. Can't think of another thing to say, darn it... See you on the inside!

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