Howdy. While I have tried to accurately describe the features and value of this sweet little camping tool, individual perceptions of the usefulness or features of the ultimate camping fork may vary. Regardless, my liability is limited to the return of your purchase price, including shipping, should you be unhappy for any reason.

Also, just like any tool, accidents are possible... even though the points on the fork are blunt, with force they can still impale sensitive or soft body parts. Be careful anytime the forks are out of their sheath, and especially watch the playing "swords" with the forks, or being inconsiderate or aggressive with others can lead to scratches, or in rare cases (never heard of this, and don't want to) an eye could get injured. And make sure to supervise the youngsters... there is a far bigger danger from falling into a fire, or getting hit by an ember, than getting stabbed with a camping fork!

Be safe out there... this camping fork is much safer than many I've been around over my decades in the outdoors, but accidents can still happen.

Best wishes for a safe and happy camping season!

Lee Landers
(C) 2009